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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - brand observation] Apple introduced not long wearable device can Watch Apple, practicality and popularity of the product remains to be market test. However, the sports giant Adidas (Adidas) seems to have thought of such technology products would like to emulate, it intends to combine science and technology with the lifestyle to which product. March 16, in Texas at the SXSW Festival (USA annual event, involving the exchange of art and technology in the field of product), and Adi product innovation expert Jon? Werner (Jon Werner) says Adi will implant NFC (near filed communications) chips in all of its footwear, apparel and sports equipment and other products, easy way to build interaction between the user Cheap air jordans for sale and the brand. Adi NFC technology for the product placement primary function is to collect more information about users, simply put, Adidas hopes to learn more about in the end is who wear their sneakers. "We want to change the collection of customer data from e-commerce sites practices into every product placement in the NFC technology that can help us understand the wearer when and where to use the product and how to use the product. These are more specific and personality of data, for brand sales and production team provides predictability information. "Jon? Werner said so. As these customer data including what specific aspect, Adidas official did not say so. Adidas says it will also provide customers recommend suitable products through new NFC tec cheap jordans for sale mens hnology, "induced" sustainable consumption. Adidas will collect personalized data analysis, combined with intelligent mobile client application for users to match and push the most suitable product. Jon? Werner said Adidas products recommended will work closely with the user's personal circumstances, for example, they would not recommend to a friend a sweater in tropical regions. However, there is still a lack of maturity in the market big data analysis system, Adi able to ensure its products will be recommended in the user's pain point poke? User preferences and habits than those simple data more complex and personal, This means that Adi need to maintain a very high quality on the user's analysis. If you can not push valuable products paired, the user w cheap jordans online ill be treated like those annoying push applications, like the Adidas also deleted. Of course, Adi NFC technology uses more real. When consumers enter the store shopping, the phone touch the NFC tag product, users can immediately see relevant product information and product feedback. "The reason to expect such a product information presentation, in order to ensure that consumers understand before you buy complete and consistent product information, because different clerk may introduce you to different content." Jon? Werner explains. In addition, this feature is designed for product information also takes into account another important issue - can not display product information if the phone is to touch the NFC label, which means that these shoes may b Cheap air jordan 12 ovo e non-genuine. Faced with the current situation is filled with fakes major sports brands, this feature is likely to be sought after by the general public. In addition to the above, and product promotion-related functions, Adi also want to change the payment channels through NFC - When the user decides to purchase a product, mobile terminal product information display can jump to NFC purchase channels direct to achieve fast pay, in order to avoid payment of the tedious queuing in the shop. But whether consumers would like to see this payment method also remains to be seen, Apple had also strongly promote Apple Pay NFC payment means, but the effect is not obvious. In fact, Adidas in 2013 had to apply this technology in the Boost series of running shoes, cheap jordan shoes for men but only in the face of consumer groups in the United States part of the region. And its relatively limited functions, the user can only read the product information via NFC phones as well as goods purchased for evaluation. This time, Adi NFC technology will be fully launched on footwear products, and the first to apply it to Stan Smith and Superstar on two series of sports shoes. For apparel products, Adidas said there Write a running program, but the technology is likely to use them in a professional player's jersey. The NFC wearable technology combined with professional sports, professional sports events is likely to have brought some changes, but Adi had not yet been revealed to the outside world vision-related functions. Jon? Werner said that if t Retro jordans for sale he user is willing to use NFC, Adidas is expected to have more than one billion users point of contact, which means that there are more brands than ever to face the opportunities and consumer channels. In an increasingly competitive sporting goods market, store shelf space continues to shrink, the major sports brands are exploring new channels. In particular Adidas, which in the past 2014 flies and unhappy. Adidas reported a fiscal year 2014, gross profit margin decreased by 1.7% in September to December last year, the total losses of the Group reached 140 million euros (about 927 million yuan), more than 2013 10 million euros a year earlier (about 66 million yuan). This time, Adi phone and application technology into the marketing category, which hope cheap foamposites s it is possible to bring some change and challenge the dominance of Nike - but requires Adi own answers. 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