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Nike Shanghai Lebron "shoes crazy" will come to a close, 2013-12-08 22:40:54 October 31st night, in this Halloween night, each Sneaker enthusiasts gathered in Nike brand experience shop, held the latest issue of Nike Shanghai Lebron "shoes crazy"". The scene not only shows the precious shoes double feet over the actual Lebron personally, Nike staff also for all Sneaker enthusiasts to explain the design idea of Nike Lebron 10 is the latest, and invited to all the well-known Sneakerhead, let them live friends ab cheap jordans for sale out their stories and Lebron as well as the introduction of shoes the precious collection of their own, these stories may come from the little emperor, probably from his collection of shoes anecdotes, may also come from their fans and shoes rub out the spark. With shoes, this is also the main purpose of Nike to hold "crazy shoes" all over the country, let people who like shoes gather together, share their shoes feeling!Recently, Ewing Athletics's popular shoes 33 Hi launched a What the color, vamp designed by ri Retro jordans for sale ch color color, with suede material to build, with a transparent crystal, very eye-catching. While releasing the shoes, Ewing Athletics also released two pairs of special 33 Hi shoes. Black and white shoes with a woven fabric making shoes, rubber sole collocation. Another pair of shoes is very Jamaica style, intended to Ewing birthplace of Jamaica salute. Three pairs of shoes will be sold on the 18 of this month, like friends may wish to act as soon as possible.[Chinese shoes Network - brand observation] from th Cheap air jordans for sale e 1896 Athens Olympic Games so far, history has been flowing the modern Olympic Games 116 years. This is a hundred years, the interpretation of the Olympic arena countless wonderful, on the associated marketing arena, has also been put on a lot of little-known story. adidas: cottage open Olympic marketing precedent Olympic marketing to create a precedent, and is today the famous Adidas. Adidas founder Adolf & middot; Dassler was a shoemaker, is also a bit obsessed amateur track and field athletes. After cheap foamposites the First World War, Adolf through resale of surplus German army received some funds committed to investing in the sports industry. 1920 years Adolf mother's laundry in the development of the first pair of training shoes. Then, he and his brother Rudolf Dassler opened a shoe factory, which is a family workshop, also Adidas predecessor. At the beginning of operation of the shoe, they even do not have a leather sewing machine, all have to rely on hand-sewn shoes. Prior to 1925, Adolf's men, along with their fami cheap jordans for sale mens lies a total of 12 workers, who make 50 pairs of shoes a day. Since Adolf respected technology and quality, with proper marketing, sports shoes market will soon open in the local quite famous. Adolf was not satisfied with this, his ambition is to make the Adidas brand to become a world-class sports, we have been looking for opportunities to break through. Just Adolf frustrated when the opportunity finally came. In 1928, the ninth Olympic Games in Amsterdam. Adolf took hand-sewn shoes here, the purpose of his Retro jordans for sale trip is hope athletes to wear his shoes in the Olympics, so that the whole world knows Adidas. After the hard work pays off, a month of lobbying display, Adolf finally let his sneakers become this session of the Olympic Games with a shoe, its wearer Linna & middot; ????? Yong's first in Olympic history, women's 800 meters project He won the gold medal and set a world record. Adidas thus initially opened up the situation, began exporting products, and frequently appears in the contest medalists and new record ho cheap jordan shoes for men lder feet. 8 years later, in 1936 the 10th Olympic Games held in Berlin, Germany. American sprinter Jesse & middot; Owens at Adolf glib tongue lobbying, wearing Adidas spikes involved in the game, winning four gold medals, shocked the world. At that time, Nazi Germany is very unpopular in the world, Jesse & middot; Owens wearing Adidas running shoes of the winning photo quickly swept the world, which makes Hitler extremely annoyed, but also allow Adidas famous world tour began in earnest. (Chinese shoes Networ cheap jordans online k - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)in the forty-eighth Super Bowl finals, Seattle Seahawks team to 43-8 victory over the Denver broncos, won the team history's first Super Bowl trophy for the Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks fans of you, will be the Jordan Brand design of the new Jordan 6 Air moved to white color, collocation deep royal blue and green fluorescence in the bottom, and the deep royal blue tongue and fluorescent green laces, this is similar to the Seahawks color, let Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping the color design for the whole take do eye, large at the end of the light purple grape Jumpman Logo is the paragraph belongs to GS size masterpiece with the most incisive style. In October 11th will be officially on sale, please note. 8 28, the whole afternoon, Hongkong people David sitting in this clearing. He was sweating profusely and dressed as if he were about to run to the basketball court for 48 minutes. Around 10 shoebox is his collection for many years, waiting to hand over the Air Jordan limited ed Cheap air jordan 12 ovo ition. One shoe which was placed a piece of paper, written by English: "for a pair of AJ 1 - the first year of the 2015 remake Call me! My name is David tsai." Sneaker, Con, America's largest shoe trade show, entered Asia for the first time, held at the Asian International Expo Center near Hongkong airport. According to the organizers' rough estimate, there were about 6500 spectators, of whom 40% came from Hongkong, 30% from mainland China and the rest from other parts of asia. if the typhoon "Columba" activities held in two days before the attack, Hongkong's first in 5 years to hang 10 typhoon, a large area of flight cancellations, people may be more. as long as the hand of HK $233 tickets, 7 hours in the exhibition held in a witness the rare shoes shoes circle, any one of them if the double re sale, will immediately be looted; even if there is no formal application to the booth 1500 Hong Kong dollars a table, you can bring your own the collection, like David, Trading Pit in the free stall area and mutual exchange of needed products. shoes fans, or SneakerHead, all have their own communication code, and it's basic work to recognize a pair of shoes expertly and learn the story behind them. Xiao Yunfu on behalf of Beijing shoes media Ulsum to report the circle event, "he told curiosity daily (": "there's a Ray Allen player version is very powerful, and Paul, and the double Nike Zoom Kobe blue V 'Laker Scoring Title' is One of One (the only global double) the shoes." Sneaker Con queue entrance, hanging above the Quan Zhilong concert posters / pictures from SneakerNews pictures from SneakerNews "this event, the Paris fashion week in the industry."." SneakerHead Su, 21, joined the Taobao store before sporting sport, running a sports shoes called Beijing-Sneakerhead from the media. "Today, sell a pair of krypton stars, about 13000 yuan.". An Indonesian morning exhibit I did not know how to come in, and I wear a morning." "krypton man" refers to the 2009 Limited Edition NBA player,, Nate ·item: 654140-001